4 Tips to Help You Save Money From Car Rentals in Hawaii

You can make the most out of your trip to Hawaii and save lots of time by exploring the islands by car. Unfortunately, CNN reports that rental cars in Maui costs at least $722 per day due to increasing demand from tourists who want to explore the destination on their own. In fact, rental prices are actually increasing across the US, but the rates are even higher in Hawaii because of the rejuvenation of tourism in the past few years.

As a result, many tourists tend to think that renting a car would be too expensive for their vacation in the Aloha State. However, you can actually rent a car in Hawaii without breaking the bank by following these simple tips:

Plan a trip during the off seasons

Going to Hawaii during off seasons can help you save a few bucks on several services, including accommodation and car rental.

Hawaiian Airlines explains that the peak seasons in the state are usually the last two weeks of December to the first week of January, as well as the spring break and summer vacation season. Meanwhile, you can cut costs on your accommodations, airfare, and car rentals by booking a trip around the months of April, May, September, and October. You can even opt to arrive and depart from the state on weekdays for more budget-friendly deals on all services.

Know where to look for good deals

Aside from knowing when to rent a car, you should also know where to score cost-effective deals for your rentals.

Off-season prices are already much lower than peak-season rates. However, you can still get discounts on car rentals at Honolulu Airport through platforms that specialize in renting cars around the state. Discount Hawaii Car Rental’s platform offers low prices from major companies and even allows you to rebook their rentals at a later date if you see better deals. On top of that, you can leverage your memberships in AARP, Costco, and other organizations to get lower deals with select car rental companies.

Consider better options for your rental car insurance

Insurance policies are one of the expenses that may bump up the price of your rented car.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know that credit cards from Visa and Mastercard offer complimentary coverages and insurance perks that will waive the costs of damages on your rental car. Certain cards, especially those geared towards travel, offer Collision Damage Waivers or Loss Damage Waivers that can keep you off the hook for the replacement and repair costs of the car you rented. Maximizing these perks can help you save a few bucks from car rental insurance policies that you may not need.

Be mindful of your gas consumption

Once you’re on the road, you need to keep track of your gas consumption to ensure that you’re still staying within the budget you allocated for the car rental.

Our article on the ‘Things That We Tend to Spend Too Much Money On’ highlights automotive fuel as one of the major expenses of car owners. So if you’re renting a car for your trip, consider avoiding high-traffic areas around the state because you’ll consume lots of fuel while waiting for the traffic to subside. Maintaining the appropriate amount of air in the tires is also important because underinflated tires can increase your vehicle’s drag and consequently affect your fuel consumption.

You don’t want to spend hours of your vacation in crazy traffic. Renting a car through a good deal can help you explore different parts of Hawaii while saving a lot of time and money.