Things that we tend to spend too much money on

Undeniably, we have to pay for everything as nowadays you can hardly get anything for free. This makes us believe it is impossible to save money with your salary, no matter how great it is. As a result, there is no fund you can have in case of emergency and you certainly do not have any spare money for investment and making your money bring you even more money.

Yet, there are plenty of categories of things we pay for which actually can be somewhat cheaper if we take care of them. In case of other things, it is possible to resign from them and it actually will be a better decision for us.


Automotive fuel is one of the major categories of expenses for the majority of automobile owners. If you are one of them and you are looking for the ways to minimise your expenses, you should analyse several aspects.

First of all, if your car is using gasoline, you should make sure you are not overpaying for it. Check the requirements of your vehicle one more time and refrain from purchasing gasoline with a higher octane number. It seems like such gasoline is better and it might be, however, it works in practice only with the cars that have been designed specifically for such types of gasoline. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy any special effect of paying a way more for more expensive fuels.

There are many other tricks which can reduce the amount of gasoline your car is using. For example, avoiding traffic jams and maintaining an appropriate amount of air in the tires can also be helpful.

Undeniably, the most effective way to save your money on fuel is to switch to other means of transport such as a bicycle or walk on foot wherever possible.


Utilities is a crucial part of expenses of everyone. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, everyone wants to live in a warm house with water and electricity. there is nothing wrong in it. Yet, there are many things one can do to optimise the usage of these utilities and thus, reduce the expenses they are generating.

Of course, costs for utilities are very different in different parts of the world. Still, they can take a great amount of your income and it is really very sensible to see how you can decrease the costs. You do not have to resign from a comfortable lifestyle, yet, it is possible to fix some things in virtually every household.

What can be done?

Actually, there is a whole variety of things that can be done in order to minimise utility costs. Everything depends on your particular situations.

For example, examine all of the things at home for possible damages. Your tape might be leaking which certainly causes increased usage of water. It is possible the old entrance door causes a high loss of heat at home and you have to spend more money on making your place warm in the winter.

Secondly, think about investing into new home appliances with more optimised energy consumption. It is quite possible you still have an old refrigerator which is 30 years old this year. This fridge might be working really well and it is indeed quite possible since old home electronic appliances used to be highly reliable. Still, they had one serious disadvantage that is increased energy consumption.

Needless to say, technology is constantly changing and one of the major fields of innovation is its cost-efficiency. If you compare the energy consumption of your old refrigerator to the new models, you might find you will be able to return the money invested even in three years. The difference is simply mind-blowing.

Finally, you should also think about your own habits of using water, gas and electricity at home. It might be you are one of the people who takes a bath on a regular basis or you do not care about washing two T-shirts in an empty washing machine. Certainly, such a behaviour takes a lot of electricity and water.