Saving your money on food

While speaking about saving money on food, one should certainly be very careful as it is pretty easy to switch to a rather poor diet based on the cheapest goods. Yet, it is possible to take a different strategy.

Actually, the most expensive part of nutrition consists of processed food. It does not matter what exactly food it is, whether it is a sweet fruit yogurt, a ready-to-eat dinner, a frozen pizza, cookies or sweet beverages. All of these products have been heavily processed which undeniably makes them more expensive than the ingredients they are made of.

At the same time, as you can imagine, there is nothing healthy about a diet consisting of such products. It might appear you can save a lot of time on such nutritional choices, however, this is a rather bad idea as it cause severe health problems in the long run.

How can you save money on food?

As we have already noticed, we are not recommending you to switch to the diet based on the cheapest products. What is important is to look for the products you buy that might have more natural alternatives which are quite usually cheaper. Sometimes, you might find it will be more cost-effective for you to cook on your own.

Of course, everything depends on your lifestyle and the way you are working. If you are one of the people who gets payment based on the finished tasks rather than on a stable payment plan, you might find it too time-consuming to cook yourself. Yet, you should remember that cooking yourself is really not worth it only under the condition you earn enough to have your meals at good restaurants every day. If this is not the case for you, you should think about cooking on your own even if it will indeed take some of your time. In any case, resigning from expensive and unhealthy processed food is the first step to economy and better well-being.

There are also other ways to save money on food without decreasing the quality of your diet. This can be purchasing the goods with a prolonged date of expiration with discounts. You can also freeze the products with a shorter expiration date. Definitely, it is worth keeping an eye on various discounts and sales at shops.

Minimise the amount of food you are having at restaurants

Going to a restaurant can be a very pleasant experience, however, it is not always worth it. Sometimes, we go to such places just for the sake of sharing the experience with the other people we are going to have the food with. This can be rather confusing since we might be unwilling to resign from such an experience, while we do not necessarily enjoy the food served there.

There are also many restaurants which actually do not serve anything special. If you want to have some really exceptional dishes which you might not be able to cook at home, you will have to pay a lot for such restaurants. Otherwise, in many places you will find the food that you can cook yourself even better.

How can you save money on restaurants and bars?

Think about the exact purpose you are going to such a place.

If you have a lot of business meetings at restaurants with your clients, you might be willing to switch from a full course to a coffee while discussing work with your client.

If this is your working day and you are hungry, it is always better to have your own food with you prepared beforehand so that you will not have necessarily rush to a nearby restaurant.

Finally, you can also organise some meetings with your friends at home.


Certainly, the same goes for having coffee outside. Of course, situations can be different and sometimes you would prefer enjoying a cup of coffee with your friends in some pleasant cafe. Yet, there is absolutely no sense in buying a cup of coffee outside every morning when you are on your way to work.

If it is so important for you to necessarily have this coffee on the go, you should really invest in a special cup to take coffee with you outside. In case you are very careful about the taste of the coffee you are having, it will definitely be better for you to invest into a coffee machine and prepare coffee yourself every morning. In fact, minimising costs connected to buying coffee outside, you will be able to save a lot of money and indeed afford a coffee machine which is also not especially cheap.