Can you save on your hobbies?

Saving money on your hobbies is not exactly the best strategy. Even if you do not get anything materially valuable in return for your money, you are getting amazing experience and memories as well as satisfaction from the time in the way you really enjoy.

Still you can make some readjustments especially if you regard reading and going to a gym as your hobbies.

Gym membership

For many people going to a gym is one of the most enjoyable moments of the day when they can finally escape their daily routine and get immersed into the energy of sport and movement being surrounded by like-minded people. Paying for a gym membership indeed makes sense if you go there thus frequently and enjoy the process of being in the gym in the first place.

There might be different scenarios though.

The most common one is certainly purchasing a membership for the sake of getting motivation for training and eventually doing your best to avoid going there. In such a case, monthly payments will quickly become a serious burden to you and there is absolutely no sense in continuing using such services. If you did not get motivated enough to go to a gym on a regular basis and turning it into a habit right after your first payment for the membership, the odds are really weak it will happen to you in the future. For that reason, it will be sensible for you to resign from the gym at all.

Sometimes people are getting to a gym for the sake of sport and actually go there on a regular basis, however, they do not feel any satisfaction from it as they would really prefer some other form of a workout. If this is true for you, you can try pausing your membership and trying some other types of workout including the ones available at home.


While reading is becoming less and less popular in the modern time, there are still many people who truly love literature no matter whether it is popular science or fiction. If you are one of them, you might be also crazy about all of the attributes of reading that are offered exclusively by paper-based books. Definitely, the touch of paper and its magical smell are very pleasurable to people who truly love literature. Still, it is needless to underestimate the prices of books as well as the impact of printed literature on the natural environment. This is especially true for the periodical literature which is rarely used in the future.

If you are one of the people extremely serious about the traditional form of literature and absolutely unable to switch to printed literature, you can really think about using the services of public libraries and take the most of your books from there. If you come across the book that you really love to the point you feel willing to read once again, you can purchase it in the printed version and add it to your library. Otherwise, there is no particular sense in collecting books that you are never planning to read once again.