The top most overrated goods you can find on the market

It is absolutely natural that products are sold for the prices a way higher than their real costs of manufacturing. There is nothing surprising in it since everyone involved into the process of production, delivering and selling the good wants to earn as much as possible. Yet, for some products the markup becomes really gigantic. Even if these products are not necessarily expensive at first glance, if you think about their real value, you might be willing to resign from purchasing them.

Popcorn sold in the cinema

In all likelihood, the good with the highest markup is the popcorn offered by cinemas where this product costs dozens of times more than its real value. Usually, the smallest possible package is at least five times more expensive than a package of flavoured popcorn weighing around one hundred grammes that you can prepare at home. At the same time, if you take just pure popcorn for home preparation without any flavours, its price can be even five times less than the price of the flavoured popcorn.

No matter how hard it feels, you can actually make do without any popcorn in the cinema and if it is a real struggle for you, just choose one of the cinemas which will not banned you from coming in with your own popcorn.

Bottled water

Certainly, prices of water are different on different places of the globe. In some countries the price for this regular commodity can be pretty high. Yet, no matter where you are, in all likelihood water sold in bottles is still a way more expensive than the tape water. Actually, in some places there difference can even reach a thousand of times.

Of course, there are not so many areas of the world where the quality of the tape water is the same as the quality of mineral water sold in bottles, yet, there you also cannot be sure about the quality of all of the bottled water. Actually, in many countries it is allowed to call the water mineral even if all of the minerals were added to it by a person rather than are coming from the source of the water naturally. That is why, buying water in the bottle you still cannot be sure about its quality.

A great solution for this problem will be installing a filter for water at home. Even though initially it will cost you a certain amount of money, it will be effective for cleaning the water and you will not have to spend additional money on drinking water as well as generate unnecessary trash with all of the plastic bottles.

Paperback books

Undeniably, there is a wonderful feeling of reading a paperback book that is so pleasant and cannot be substituted by any other forms of books, yet, in order to enjoy it, you have to pay extra money for your purchase.

If you are crazy about books and prefer reading your own books rather than borrowing them from a library, there is still sense in switching to a digital form if you are really interested in saving money. Undeniably, you should not forget about all of the other positive sides of reading digital books such as for example instant access to the collection of books that you do not have to keep with you wherever you are going anywhere.

Flower bouquets

Flower bouquets are undeniably beautiful and the majority of people would really appreciate getting such a present. Yet, there is a huge problem of impracticality of such presents especially if you consider its immense price. Apart from the costs of the flowers themselves, there are also many other costs included into the final price of a flower bouquet and considering the short time of its life, it might feel really bad to throw your money just like that. Of course, the greater the bouquet is, the more money you have to buy, so if you really want to impress someone with your present, you will have to pay quite a lot.

If there is a person who really loves flowers and you wish to make a great present for him or her, try purchasing flowers in the pot instead of getting a bouquet of cut flowers.