Amazing ways of using your glass cleaner and oxygenated bleacher

Even though there is a large variety of washing products available on the market, many of them have similar active substances which make it possible to use them for various purposes instead of only one task for which they were designed. Of course, none of them is universal as the same cleaning product can be great for particular things and can damage others.

In this article, you will find more ways for using glass cleaner as well as oxygenated bleacher which are a very useful product in any household.

Other ways of using a glass cleaner

These are some ideas for making your glass cleaner useful for other purposes than mirror and window washing.

Glass cleaner for washing fat stains

Not everyone knows about the ability of glass cleaners to wash fat stains. This is a great feature of such products especially if your kitchen has some shining surfaces made of particular types of glassy polymers as well as shining metallic devices with glass elements.

Many of these objects can be easily cleaned with the help of glass cleaner and it can actually prove to be better than specialised substances for kitchen cleaning as glass washer will allow you to get rid of stains from glassy surfaces without any remains.

Toilet and bathtub washing

Glass cleaner can be efficient for cleaning your bathroom as well. It will not only to help you make your bathtub or shower shine again but can also wash the toilet effectively. For this purpose you can use glass cleaner just like any other product covering the surfaces with it and rubbing.

Water tapes washing

A great way of making your tapes shine is to clean them with glass cleaner. This is one more task they can solve effectively.

Outdoor furniture washing

This function of glass cleaners is less obvious, however, you should try this product in such a way if you have some furniture which has become rather stained after spending some time outside. Point your attention to the fact it does not matter what kind of furniture you have. Whether it is made of plastic or metal, you can clean it efficiently with a glass cleaner.

All you need to do in order to use the product in such a way is to cover the surface of furniture with it and leave like that for some five minutes. Then, wipe the surfaces with clean cloth.

Floor washing

If you have ceramic or linoleum floor at home, you can easily use glass cleaner instead of a specialised product for floors. Just try adding a bit of the product into water and wash the floors in a regular way. This will give great effects.

Still, you should be careful about using glass cleaners including ammonia on other surfaces, especially wood. Unfortunately, this can damage such surfaces. Yet, if the floor is ceramic or linoleum, you can use your glass cleaner for sure.

Whiteboard washing

Generally, whiteboards are supposed to be washed without any additional products effectively just by whipping them with a dry cloth. Despite this fact, sometimes you might find it somewhat difficult to do. In such cases, you can just use a glass cleaner. Spray the product on a cloth and wipe the stains on the whiteboard.

Other ways of using oxygenated bleach

Here you have some recommendations for cleaning your house with oxygenated bleach.

Severe fat stains

Many people are struggling with severe fat stains which tend to occur in some places in the kitchen which are not washed regularly. If you have ever tried to get rid of such stains, you should know even some powerful products designed specifically for this purpose might be helpless. If this is the case, try oxygenated bleach.

All you need to do is to put the items covered with such stains into warm water with a small amount of bleach and leave it for some time. All you need to do afterwards is just rinsing it with water.

Pay your attention to the fact this method should not be used for any dishes which are used in contact with food.

Clean the space between tiles

Cement and other filling materials between tiles is prone to get rather dirty especially when it is initially of a white colour. The things become even worse since these materials are not thus simple to be washed. Fortunately, you can do it effectively with oxygenated bleach.

The most efficient way to do it is to mix water with the bleach in the ration of one to one and cover the spaces between tiles with it. Leave the mixture for around 30 minutes and rub the surface before rinsing the remains with water.