How can you start living better without earning more money?

The majority of people are suffering from not having enough of money even though it is not always the direct effect of actually not having a sufficient amount of money. Of course, people in really dire straits situations need to improve their financial condition, however, for many people the first step to improving their situation is actually changing their lifestyle.

Know what you can really afford

A crucial step to managing your budget is understanding how much you can actually afford.

Unfortunately, a popular trend nowadays is getting loans for purchasing thing which are actually not necessary. In all likelihood, you yourself know people who are ready to borrow money for purchasing a new smartphone just because they want something.

Loans for shopping can be useful if you really need a product and have no opportunity for paying the entire amount of money at a time. A good example of such a purchase is a washing machine or a fridge. At the same time, borrowing money for purchasing a TV set even if you do not have any, is not a sensible decision. There are important things and there are things without which you can carry on, so that it is always a better idea to just save money for buying them even if it takes some time.

Certainly, another thing related to this recommendation is not to pay for brands. It is important not to mistake purchasing goods of a high quality which might have been produced under the name of popular brands with purchasing goods just for the sake of their brands. Such an approach is never good and it can lead to financial problems pretty quickly. This recommendation can also be spread on services and entertainment.
How can you implement this rule into your life?

Probably, the most efficient way of learning understanding your real financial abilities is to count how much an hour of your work is worth. When you do it, you will be able to see how much time you need to spend working in order to purchase new goods especially the ones which might actually be too expensive for you.

Make conscious choices

Being a conscious customer is crucial not only for your wallet but also for your own well-being. The marketing campaigns used today make people believe they need new goods because new goods are better than the old ones. For example, when it comes to new devices, they really do not need to be changed to new ones thus frequently as it is done. Another good illustration is purchasing new clothes just because it is a new season and, according to advertisements, people need to buy new clothes every season just because it is the time to refresh one’s wardrobe. As you can see, this creates a never-ending cycle of working and buying goods which are actually designed to be used for a losnger time.

Such an approach can lead not only to financial problems, but also turn you into a real slave. By the way, new fashion trends are not necessary attractive. They are meant to be not similar to the ones which were popular a year or two ago which means one will not be able to use the clothes he or she already has in ones wardrobe and will have to buy something new to look fashionable.

What can you do to avoid such lifestyle?

This process is not thus simple as you will have to learn a lot about yourself and about your possessions. For instance, you will need to find out the clothes you really look good in and need on a daily basis. Understand your real need for various goods and do not spend time looking through the offers of online shops or shopping malls if there is no particular need for buying anything new.

This time should be used in a different way by spending it on your hobbies, communication with your friends and family, sport or just having a good rest.

You will gradually realise you are literally breaking free from an ever urge to buy more and more.