The arguments you can use while asking your boss for a higher salary

One of the most obvious ways to earn more money is to ask your current boss for it. Actually, in many situations it is working, yet, there are also many cases in which the method is not just not working, it actually makes the boss feel rather upset and sometimes to the point when he is simply willing to get rid of you. For that reason, it is important to be careful while asking for more money at work and choosing right arguments is a great way to do it.

Tell about the growing number of your responsibilities

There are many cases in which a new employee has a set of responsibilities at work and with time the number is growing while the salary remains static. Needless to say, it feels unfair especially when new employees are accepted for work for greater money.

If the number of tasks has extended and now you are actually taking the responsibilities of other works apart from your own ones, it can be used as one of the arguments for the increase of salary.

How this fact can be used?

Certainly, you should explain to your employer that your extended responsibilities are allowing him or her to save money on an additional vacancy. That is why you deserve to get more money. Yet, it is crucial to be realistic. Even though you might be doing a great part of the job of another employee on top of your own responsibilities, it is still practically impossible to complete the tasks of two people, so you definitely should not wait for your employer to pay you twice more. In all likelihood, the money you can count on is some 20-30% more.

The company is generating large income with your help

As you can imagine, the real scale of importance of any worker for a company is the amount of money it is earning with the help of this person. Yet, for some vacancies, it is rather difficult to estimate the financial profit of a worker. That is why, you can try to do it on your own, analysing the correlation between the company’s income and your work.

What is the best way to present this argument?

First of all, the argument should really exist and not be made up because you feel you are such an important worker. Even though your role in the company might really be vital for the entire system, it might not be focused on generating profits.

Secondly, you should use real numbers and tools for presenting the information such as graphs, number and statistics. This will explain the situation to your boss in the most effective way.

The co-workers with the same responsibilities have a higher salary

Unfortunately, a rather common situation is for an experienced worker who has already spent some time in the company to get a smaller salary than new employees working on the same vacancies even without any working experience. While some workers take it as a downright offense, it actually frequently happens because the salaries are changing with time and today specialists of a particular field might have a higher average salary than the one offered to them when you were searching for a job. The amount of money offered to new workers is also changing because of the money inflation itself. That is why it actually comes naturally in many situations, however, it is certainly a good idea to discuss this issue with your boss.

What is a proper way of using such a reason for an increase of salary?

You certainly need to prepare to use such an argument in your salary negotiation as you need to make sure your co-workers do not have more tasks than you do. This is crucial as it might only seem that their vacancy is the same as yours and in the reality, it might not be like that. In addition to it, you should mobilise your own powers so that you will be able to show the difference between them and you while speaking with your boss about a higher salary.

Readiness to work more for a higher salary

In fact, the most efficient argument for your boss is not what you have already done. It is what you are willing to do to earn more. The majority of managers prefer dividing their own responsibilities among their workers.

How can you use such an argument?

Undeniably, this should be done under the condition you are really ready to take more on your plate and are not afraid of responsibilities and new challenges. That is why this option is good for employees who have already got experienced with their work and are actually able for completing their tasks more quickly. If this is your case, you can ask 6your boss about extending your responsibilities and accompanying it with a higher salary.

If this makes your boss interested, this might not only lead to an increase in your salary but also to getting a higher position in the company. At the same time, if you find your boss reluctant to give you more tasks, it might be a right time to search for a new job if you really want to have a career growth.

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