How to manage generosity caused by alcohol?

Are you one of the people who is constantly spending too much money during parties? You are not alone as this is a natural behaviour to many people. Still, it will be sensible to take some measures to control urges to spend money when you are drunk. Certainly you do not want to save during an entire week to find all your money gone on Sunday. This article will provide you with several suggestions for taking your budget under control when you are partying, however, you should still be prepared to surprises in the morning since drunk people might be quite inventive.

Do not use bankcards

Bankcards are a convenient way for paying and this is exactly the reason why you should avoid using them when you are drunk. You can imagine how easy it will be for you to lose lots of money not even realising when it happened.

Note that for some people it is not enough not to take a bank card to a party. For them, it is also crucial to hide cards in the place where they cannot find them thus easy. This is crucial as there are many compulsive shoppers who are prone to making impulsive purchases. Needless to say, being drunk, such people may be even more prone to buying something absolutely unnecessary.

One of the things you can do is for example hide your bankcard in the flat of your parents if you living a separate place. This is better than giving your bankcard to your family living with you as it might happen that you become aggressive when they resign to hand your card over to them.

Delete information about payment methods on the shopping websites

In case there are some websites where you have saved payment information, it is sensible to delete it before you are going out otherwise you will be able to purchase goods with just a single click. You might also find it useful to completely delete some apps of online shops from your phone as well. Another way to deal with the urge to buy something is creating rather complicated passwords for your accounts in online stores. This can be a temporary step just to protect your budget from your compulsions.

Talk to the people with whom you are going to party

First of all, make some appointments about the way you are going to pay bills prior to ordering any alcohol. In addition to it, if you are ware of your drunk generosity, you might also find it useful to talk about that with your friend and ask him or her to stop you whenever you find some strangers nice enough to buy alcohol for all of them.

Why are people so generous when they are drunk?

Drunk generosity is caused by many factors. The most important of them is the overall feeling of relaxation which reduces anxiety to the level when people are not concerned about the expenses waiting for them when the party is over. They are living right here and right now not thinking about the future so they feel free to spend as much as they want.

While some people feel great about being generous when they are drunk as it makes them so friendly and kind to others, there are people whose generosity is one of the ways of letting the internal aggression caused by alcohol to go out. Paying for everyone in this case is a way of showing one’s dominance over other people.

Of course, you should not forget about the decline of the cognitive capacities coming with alcohol which make sit difficult for people to keep a track of their expenses and even calculate properly.

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  1. There is no worse feeling than waking up with a hangover and an empty bank account. I like these tips!

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