You really do not need these expensive products

There are many people who tend to spend money on something that seems to be absolutely of no use to many other people. This article is exactly about that. If you are wondering about the categories of the expenses you can limit, this article is exactly about that.


The development of newer and newer models of smartphones is at its peak. Gone are the days when switching to a newer model of a smartphone determined weather you would be able to you mobile Internet, make photos or detect QR codes. Today, even the cheapest smartphones have all of these functions, so the manufacturers of these popular devices have to think really hard to make up something new and keep people buying their products.

Needless to say, one of the ways to promote sales is simply to make people believe that buying a new smartphone every year is a necessity. Actually, regardless of income and financial possibilities, there are many people who indeed believe they will miss so much in life if they keep on using the same phone during two years.

Some of them are switching to new models of phones for the sake of their presumably better functionality and general interest in technology. For many other people it is just a way to show off even if they actually cannot afford this piece of electronics. Some individuals go even further and borrow money to buy such a smartphone which is a truly absurd decision. Still, the marketing manipulation is thus intense we are really prone to making such poor financial decisions.

Obviously, to save money on such purchases, you just need to break free from the vicious circle of a constant urge to have the newest models of smartphones or other gadgets. This might be rather difficult especially since we are living in the society heavily impacted by overconsumption. Yet, this is real and you find it very rewarding to be able to save a lot of money on such expensive and unnecessary purchases.

Cable television

Cable television still exists and quite many people pay for this service on a monthly basis. Yet, in the epoch of the Internet, this decision seems to be rather irrational. In fact, it is true for any type of television as well.

There are enough of online platforms which will allow you to watch whatever you want whether it a TV series, TV show or films any time you want. Needless to say, such platforms have a great number of advantages as you can be really flexible with them and save a lot of time on watching unnecessary advertisements or programmes that are just there, although you have not planned to watch them in the first place.

Programmes and applications

Sometimes purchasing some sort of software or subscribing to a paid online service is a necessity. There are indeed some very useful apps with unique functionality and you might need them specifically if you are planning to use such an app for you work.

Yet, you should make sure you really need all of these subscriptions. Check whether there are indeed no free alternatives and if there are not, calculate about the frequency of using such a piece of software. An extremely functional app will not make any use for you if you hardly ever use it in the first place.

By the way, if you are a fan of gaming, it is sensible to shop during sales when you can get even 60% discount on the products you want to get.